[riot-devel] Recommendations for Porting RIOT

Takai Eddine takai.kenn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 11:51:30 CEST 2013


Given the interesting features embedded in RIOT, I would like to know if
the developers have defined (or at least recommend) a certain workflow for
porting RIOT to new platforms. I've been working in a project involving
porting contiki to ns-3 simulator and contiki had a relatively well defined
platform dependent interfaces like the clock module, multithreading,
realtime timers, network drivers ...etc. and I am interesting in porting
RIOT and benefit from its protocol stacks and features to simulate IOT
scenarios using ns3.

So let's say I want to to implement RIOT's multithreading feature on top of
NS-3 multithreading library, is it possible to do that without messing
things up in RIOT's core.
The same thing goes for the Clock, TImers and the separation of network
stacks to define which side (ns3 or riot) takes charge till which network

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