[riot-devel] Implementation of the hardware timers / case of MSP430

ROUSSEL Kévin Kevin.Roussel at inria.fr
Wed Aug 21 10:14:42 CEST 2013


I was wondering how much hwtimers were used by the RIOT OS core for its 
internal needs.

As I am working on implementations of MAC/RDC protocols, I will probably 
need to use some hardware timers (for timing/synchronisation purposes). 
I was wondering whether there would be enough hwtimer instances available...

In that sense, I see that in the case of the MSP430F16x MCU (that is 
used in TelosB motes), the hwtimer module is implemented using the 
TimerA module, which offers 3 compare registers ("TimerA3").
However, these MCUs also offer a "TimerB7" module (with a more comfy 
amount of 7 compare registers). Is there a reason not to use this TimerB?


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