[riot-devel] Implementation of the hardware timers / case of MSP430

ROUSSEL Kévin Kevin.Roussel at inria.fr
Wed Aug 21 17:05:09 CEST 2013

Le 21/08/2013 15:15, Kaspar Schleiser a écrit :
> Hi,
> It would be interesting to know how precise exactly you need your timing
> and whether that goal could be reached using some kind timer
> abstraction. (vtimer, I'm looking at you!)
> Cheers,
> Kaspar
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Well, I need it to be as precise as possible, since the MAC/RDC layer 
control the behavior of the radio transceiver, thus being reponsible of 
the accuracy, the performance of the wireless (802.15.4) networking; 
also, I need to be able to shutdown that transceiver as much as possible 
(without compromising networking performance) in order to spare energy.

Moreover, since this is a system extension, it is better to implement it 
with as few overhead as possible; since the 'vtimer' module is 
implemented by using the 'hwtimer' core system, it is much more 
"economic" to use the latter.

However, vtimer is certainly an interesting asset for the 
application-level code: I will try to use it---instead of raw 
hwtimers---when I build the test applications for my network stack 


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