[riot-devel] Shared Library integration

Martin Lenders mlenders at inf.fu-berlin.de
Mon Aug 26 14:18:18 CEST 2013

since I'm currently working on a test framework (with usage of CUnit)
and have a far-goal of getting libcoap to run on RIOT it raises the
question of how we deal with shared libraries (especially since we say
we support Wiselib). Since I did not found any way how wiselib was
introduced I use two approaches so far — both, shall we say,
suboptimal in my opinion:

* since I'm testing the test framework on the native port I'm just
*linking CUnit* with LFLAGS in the Makefile (meh, because of not
possible on "other" boards)
* my early draft of including libcoap was done by compiling as a *.a
file and just include it like a normal module (meh, because requieres
lib to be in RIOTPATH as a submodule and because it might be
problamatic if one tries to include proprietary (*gasp*) libraries).

So I'm either looking for ideas how to optimize one of the approaches
or incorperate support for shared libraries into RIOT.

Kind Regards,
Martin Lenders

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