[riot-devel] Newcomer questions on RIOT

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Fri Jul 26 15:53:17 CEST 2013

Hi Kévin!

> Are there any plans to add this platform to RIOT? If not, would you
> be interested if I developed the necessary code, and contributed it
> to RIOT?
This platform is indeed on our wish list, so your contribution would be very

> - One of the goals of my PhD thesis is to study and develop new MAC
> protocols for the network stacks of IoT devices. From what I saw
> from RIOT's current source, only one MAC protocol ("sixlowmac" in
> RIOT/sys/net/sixlowpan) seems to be present. Are there other MAC
> protocols in RIOT (that I would have missed)? Are there any plans to
> add new ones? If not, would you be interested if I contributed other
> MAC protocols to RIOT network stack?
Actually, sixlowmac.c does not really implement a mac layer, but introduces an
abstraction layer between sixlowpan and out transceiver interface. Currently,
RIOT has a CSMA/CA implementation for the CC11XX (CC1100, CC1101, and CC1111)
transceivers (in drivers/cc110x). However, this implementation is tightly
bound to the transceiver driver itself.

I think, implementations of other MAC protocols would be very interesting. The
transceiver module (sys/transceiver/transceiver.c) provides an abstraction
layer between the driver and (higher layers of) the network stack. So far, it
is mostly accessed from the network layer (e.g., 6LoWPAN) and media access is
done in the radio driver. But the transceiver module could be also used to
implement a MAC protocol independently of the underlying network driver.

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