[riot-devel] initial gnu++0x compatibility for RIOT

Martin L. martin.landsmann at haw-hamburg.de
Sun Jun 2 13:49:17 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I just finished the initial gnu++0x compatibility edits/fixes in RIOT for the native port.
I've tested the changes with the default-native project.
I've checked if using g++0x with g++ and gnu99 with gcc compiles and works. (it does :) )

Though I cannot tell if the changes have other unforeseen negative effects especially for the real boards.
I will send a pull request, so if anyone is concerned about the changes please discard it.

BTW. to use the g++0x and g++ some edits in the default-native project and the native board have to be done.
I will fork the boards and projects today and add the necessary changes.

Best regards,

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