[riot-devel] using the native-port for development

Martin Lenders authmillenon at gmail.com
Thu May 30 13:28:46 CEST 2013

since we are on Github it might be beneficial to use Travis [1].

Kind regards,

[1] travis-ci.org
Hi Ludwig, hi Martin,

> I don't know its state, but I remember we had a build bot ... some form of
> CI server would be great! Oleg? Anyone?
you're totally right. An automatic test environment for CI would be very
beneficial. Unfortunately, the old build bot (buildbot.imp.fu-berlin.de)
need some maintenance and new configuration as he still does not know
about RIOT (he is still happily testing µkleos, I guess).

Are there any volunteers to take care of reconfiguring the build bot? [1]
I could take care of manual maintenance and connect the several supported
hardware platforms. So far it's only equipped with a MSB-A2.


[1] http://buildbot.net/
# Okay, what on Earth is this one supposed to be used for?
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