[riot-devel] Fwd: Re: RIOT usage with msp430 and stm32fdiscovery

Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla francisco.acosta at inria.fr
Wed Sep 11 11:05:15 CEST 2013

Hello devel team,

I forward my question to you. I'm having some issues compiling the 
project sixlowpan for msp430, due to some basic functions that are 
missing (like stdin and sscanf).

Have you compiled this project for the ws430-v1_4 board? if yes, wich 
compiler version are you using?

The same for the stm32f4discovery board, since the compiler version that 
you propose in the "Getting started" guide is not compatible with 
cortex-m4 architectures.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards.

Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla
PhD Student at TRISKELL and ACES teams
INRIA Rennes, France
+33 2 99 84 73 42
+33 7 61 94 04 28

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Date: 	Wed, 11 Sep 2013 00:33:47 +0200
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Hi Francisco,

welcome to the RIOT community and sorry for the delayed response, but I was travelling during the last days. In general you should better send your questions to the developer or users mailing list (devel at riot-os.org or users at riot-os.org).

>  Which version of compilers are you using for ARM and MSP430
>  architectures?
I will check tomorrow when I'm back in the office.


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