[riot-devel] About porting RIOT to platforms based on STM32.

DangNhat PhamHuu phamhuudangnhat at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 11:04:47 CET 2014

I'm Nhat Pham, an undergraduate student from Ho Chi Minh University of
Technology. My group (some students and a lecturer) is working on a home
automation project. We're very interested in RIOT as an alternative os to

Right now, we have many platforms based on STM32 (mostly F1 and F4 series)
and CC1101, and we want to use RIOT on our platforms. I see that you have
partly supported STM32. However, I can't find much info to do so.

Therefore, can you provide us documents or information how can we port RIOT
to use with STM32 ? We're familiar with STM32 cpus and real time os (i.e
CoOS, freeRTOS) so we can implement missing modules on our own and
contribute them to the community of RIOT.

Best regards.


** Phạm Hữu Đăng Nhật             *

** StudentID: 51002279*

** Class: MT10KTTN*

** Ho Chi Minh University of Technology*
** Mobile: 0164.968.2716*
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