[riot-devel] RPL security extensions

Thomas C. Schmidt schmidt at informatik.haw-hamburg.de
Mon Feb 24 11:37:10 CET 2014


separating out a routing table seems like a good idea to me ... however, 
this table should then be generic and not RPL-specific.

Maybe we can discuss further today at Rome?



On 24.02.2014 10:41, Martin L. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I intend to extent the current RPL implementation with an exchangeable security module approach.
> The intention is to provide interfaces which hide the complexity of the used security module.
> This decouples it from the actual (and future) RPL implementation.
>  From my point of view the first implementation the security module will:
>   - test the existence of a neighbour node
>   - verify any neighbour node
>   - verify a next hop
>   - ...
> But the first step towards this, is to extract and modularize the `Routing Tables` and the `Forwarding Tables`,
> just as proposed by Fabian.
> Beside `RPL DODAG`, they contain the crucial entries to be protected and enable to engage a
> security module between them and the `RPL Core`.
> If there are no objections I would start to extract `Forwarding Tables`, `Routing Tables` and refactor the current `RPL DODAG`.
> Best regards,
> Martin
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