[riot-devel] ns3 question about global variable in RIOT

Daniel Camara danielcamara at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 09:58:23 CET 2014

Hi Ludwig,

> I have trouble imagining how that would work - even without global
> variables. RIOT has a preemptive scheduler and busy loops. That is:
> RIOT threads can depend on preemption.
  Humm, scheduler it is easy, in fact, we will NEED to threat any way by
reflecting the Riot scheduler over the ns-3 scheduler, the busy waits...
well... that is another history... it would surely be a problem :(... don't
know I would need to think more over it.

> OK then - like I said - it is possible.
> I think the bigger question is about the feasibility regarding
> threading implementation conflicts. (Anyone willing to contribute some
> insight on the possibility of running RIOT inside a pthread here?)
> > However, what you said kind of scared me a little, what is the  MTBF of
> > Riot?
> That depends on how fresh the code is.
> I mean - the network stack for example is under heavy development at the
> moment and during a phase like that unchecked NULL pointers seem to
> slip through every once in a while. Of course we will get to a point
> where the stack is in sane state, but I assume one might want to use
> the simulator to verify some implementation aspects during
> development.
 That is normal, and it is the price to pay to use the latest version of an
ongoing project. If this is the case, this does not  scares me by no means

> Of course, the results will be spoilt. But I don't know ns3 - if it's
> no big deal if it crashes that's fine with me as well. If it can cause
> damage (e.g. by corrupting files one might still want to have used
> afterwards) that might be an argument for separate processes.
>   Ok Ludwig, there are two mind states that need to be clear and distinct
one from the other. There is "yours", as RIOT developer that want to test
your development and verify the behavior of RIOT over a more complex
network setup. That is valid and, I guess, it is the why you, as community,
would be interested in the adaptation. The second state of mind is the guy
who wants to use this framework as a tool to test his own algorithms and
theories. Some one that will use RIOT+ns-3 as as a medium to see other
things, I am not interested in the tool itself it should be transparent to
me. I mean, if the tool does not work correctly it is like you said to
me... "Look I have this hammer here and you can use..... but it has some
wholes on it!!!  So it will not work every time!".  I may use your hammer,
if I have NO other tool... but just until I find a rock that is nearby :).

    Best regards...

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