[riot-devel] ns3 question about global variable in RIOT

Daniel Camara danielcamara at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 14:36:52 CET 2014

 Even though I have a close relation with the ns-3 community, and I have no
information whatsoever, on changes that could affect the adaptation, I
can't guarantee this will not happen in the future.  The only way to be
fully independent of changes would be to fix a version and go with that for
ever, and NO, I don't think it is a good idea.

 The other way to be independent is to create a thin specific control
layer, with a generic interface.  If something change in any one of the
sides (RIOT is also  a living project, things will change for sure in the
future) just the thin implementation need to be changed, the rest will stay
the same.

  As I understand the adaptation work should be done is as it was a
Middleware between RIOT and ns-3. For RIOT ns-3 will be like a new
architecture, a new sensor where it will be running and for ns-3, RIOT will
be just a new kind of node, one should be as blind about the behavior of
the other as possible. Something like:

|            Standard RIOT distribution                 |
O         Generic API RIOT/Middleware API               |
u       -  All the required primitives e.g.:            |
r          get_time, send/receive packets,              |
          request scheduling, wakeup...                 |
M          This is the part that REALLY                 |
i           knows how to talk to RIOT                   |
d               Adaptation Middleware                   |
l            (Greatest part of the work)                |
e           Where we will really connect                |
w       the "wires" and provide, for example,           |
a      the implementation of the shared memory          |
r            and semaphores control etc...              |
           Generic API ns-3/Middleware API              |
i             Similar to the previous                   |
m          This is the part that REALLY                 |
p            knows how to talk to ns-3                  |
l                                                       |
|            Standard ns-3 distribution                 |

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Emmanuel Baccelli <
Emmanuel.Baccelli at inria.fr> wrote:

> Hi Daniel
> Le 28 févr. 2014 11:15, "Daniel Camara" <danielcamara at gmail.com> a écrit :
> >
> > Hi Emanuel,
> >
> >   Don't get me wrong, I am not judging, complaining, or something like
> that, just stating the fact that we have two VERY distinct clients here,
> just that! Even though this obvious for me, it needs to be clear to all.
> Well, I guess, even if the only clients were RIOT developers, it would
> already worth the effort... not that cool, we could do better, but probably
> would already pay the price.... and the ways to implement the adaptation
> could be highly dependent on it.
> >
> >  So yes I agree with you, we need to focus on hows, but I also partially
> disagree because this specific point may impact the way the adaptation will
> be made. If you decide the public is just the RIOT development team... and
> you don't care for the second class of users (what is completely fair),
> more "home made" and code dependent options could be considered.... , for
> example, we wouldn't need something that is fairly independent of versions
> of ns-3.  You could fix your code over, lets say,  version 19 and that is
> it would be more than enough for you.
> >
> >  Once more, don't get me wrong! Not judging, just trying to understand
> :).
> >
> Ok, I think I get your point. In short: within or without the ns-3
> context, RIOT's goal is to provide a platform that (distributed) IoT
> application developers can build upon. So we do not only aim at the RIOT
> devel crowd and we do care a lot about other users ;)
> So what is the impact of this on the "how" to port RIOT on ns-3, in more
> details? In particular, we do need to be as independent of ns-3 versions as
> possible, in my opinion.
> Cheers
> Emmanuel
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