[riot-devel] Naming of source files

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Mon Jan 13 11:21:07 CET 2014


On 01/13/14 09:53, Hauke Petersen wrote:
> PRJDIR/xy/aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/project_xy_aa_abc.o
> This way, no conventions for naming files would be needed anywhere,
> while naming space collitions should be impossible. And the solution
> would only affect some Makefiles, so the 'User'-developer would not even
> need to know much about it. What do you think?
Why again don't we just use the original folder names?

PRJDIR/xy/aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/xy/aa/abc.o

That way name collisions are impossible.

Encoding the folder name could lead to

PRJDIR/xy/aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/xy_aa_abc.o
PRJDIR/xy_aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/xy_aa_abc.o BOOM!

Sounds ridiculous? Yeah, but imagine debugging that...


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