[riot-devel] Naming of source files

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Mon Jan 13 11:43:28 CET 2014


On 01/13/14 11:24, Hauke Petersen wrote:
>> PRJDIR/xy/aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/xy/aa/abc.o
> The drawback I see with keeping the original folder structure in the
> BINDIR is, that the folder names are getting even longer. Could this
> lead to problems on host platforms (-->WIN)?
Isn't the full pathname incuding filename limited (vs. pathname without 

Linux has another problem with it's makefiles. They put hundreds of 
filenames incl. path in the command line of some tools needed for 
compilation. Depending on base path length, that brakes. There are 
patches that use xargs to solve the problem but make compilation slower, 
so they are not in mainline.

I say, let future RIOT developers deal with that problem. Quote me.


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