[riot-devel] Naming of source files

Hauke Petersen hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 13 11:58:34 CET 2014

On 13.01.2014 11:43, Kaspar Schleiser wrote:
> Hi,
> On 01/13/14 11:24, Hauke Petersen wrote:
>>> PRJDIR/xy/aa/abc.c --> BINDIR/xy/aa/abc.o
>> The drawback I see with keeping the original folder structure in the
>> BINDIR is, that the folder names are getting even longer. Could this
>> lead to problems on host platforms (-->WIN)?
> Isn't the full pathname incuding filename limited (vs. pathname
> without filename)?
> Linux has another problem with it's makefiles. They put hundreds of
> filenames incl. path in the command line of some tools needed for
> compilation. Depending on base path length, that brakes. There are
> patches that use xargs to solve the problem but make compilation
> slower, so they are not in mainline.
Ok, when we think this through, we have 3 command-line calls, that will
use the affected path-to-object-file (call it OBJ for now) and archieve
files (call it AF):
1. compiler: gcc ... -o OBJ ...
2. combine: ar ... OBJ1 OBJ2 OBJn
3. linker: gcc ... AF1 AF2 OBJx

For the 1. case, the filename/path length shouldn't matter, since only
one object file is used in that command (in this case a growing number
of include folders is probably more significant...).
For the 2. case the length of the object-file path length could make a
difference, but as archives only contain a limited number of them
(otherwise we should re-think the size of the archives), we can probably
live with it
For the 3. case: same as number 2, I for the current size of RIOT it
should be fine.
> I say, let future RIOT developers deal with that problem. Quote me.
So by quoting Kaspar: "[...] let future RIOT developers deal with that
problem", I'd like to vote for Ludwigs proposal to duplicate the RIOT
hierarchy into the BINDIR.
> Kaspar
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