[riot-devel] ARM-Toolchains

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Wed Jan 15 16:41:37 CET 2014

Dear rioters,

this is gonna be a quick survey on used toolchains for ARM used for RIOT.

Currently our Getting Started documentation advices to use the 2008q3 version
of CodeBench, but Christian discovered today that this version of the Compiler
has broken support for ANSI C 99 standard (variable-size arrays seem to lead
to a data abort on the MSB-A2).

In order to advice a known-to-be-working toolchain for supported ARM
architectures, I'm interested which ARM toolchains you currently use to
compile RIOT for which platform and which problems you may have experienced.

Thanks for your help,
panic("kmem_cache_init(): Offsets are wrong - I've been messed with!");
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