[riot-devel] Include folder in net / RPL restructuring

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Thu Jan 30 12:35:04 CET 2014


> I think Fabian meant the already existing directory
> ``sys/net/routing_layer/``.
The folder is called `sys/net/routing`, since routing is no layer (and
forwarding isn't, either).

> Though they might not be used by anything else but the routing layer, I
> think it is most clearly to put the function prototypes into
> sys/net/include/etx.h and the implementations into
> sys/net/routing_layer/etx/. In the optimal case all the other headers in
> there would be used by their respective upper or layer protocols, too, and
> experience showed that moving the implementation around later-on (e.g. to
> rename routing_layer to forwarding_layer ;-)) is heavily simplified, when
> public headers are not in those directories.
Definitely a good idea.

The question where to put the ETX implementation is difficult. You could
either vote for putting it into the routing folder (or a metrics
subdirectory), because ETX is mostly used as a metric for routing protocols.
But you could also locate it in the link_layer folder, because the current
implementation measures link layer metrics. Or we could put it into
cross_layer, because it can provide information for more than one service and
might be extended to return path metrics, too.

I think, currently `sys/net/routing` or a metrics subdirectory seems the best
solution to me.

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