[riot-devel] Resuming RPL non-storing mode

Fabian Brandt fabbrandt at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 10 11:23:12 CET 2014

Hi @all,

for those who do not remember or know me (just in case) - I was working the
last months on the RPL non-storing mode due to my Bachelor thesis. However
due to an organ disease, there was not much progress. In addition during
the last weeks I focused on getting better - therefore nearly full silence.

Even there is not much to apologize for, I want to do it, for all who
waited for responses or wanted to get the implementation done. Before
resuming the work with a now improved health status, just the question
whether there were any decisions or plans for RPL? I checked all mails and
PRs, but could not find much. But apart of that there are maybe some
analogous decisions. Thanks in advance.

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