[riot-devel] RIOT OS for the Atmel SAM R21 (Interruptions)

Maxence Chotard maxence.chotard at xsoen.com
Mon Oct 27 22:51:53 CET 2014

It answers my question ! Thank you Hauke !





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Hi Maxence,

the current design does not provide functionality for defining priorities.
Actually all of our Cortex-Mx based implementations do not make use of
different Interrupt priorities. Our design rationale in this context is
simple: we expect all interrupts to be (very) short, something in the order
of 10th of instructions. A typical interrupt would just call a
`msg_send_int()`. Priorities are then resolved by the scheduler, as if more
then one message is send (by two interrupts triggering at almost the same
time), the receiving task with the higher priority will be scheduled.

Does this answer your question?


On 27.10.2014 16:00, Maxence Chotard wrote:



I  would like to know what is done to deal with external interruption coming
from external pins on AT SAM R21 ? Is there a file to create to configure
priorities between interruptions ? 




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