[riot-devel] Compile RIOT

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Tue Oct 28 17:59:32 CET 2014

Hi Maxime!

> Or any other IDE like Eclipse on windows ?

Eclipse should work fine as I know some people using it with RIOT on Linux,
but I have no experience about the current state in Windows. We already had
people using it in Eclipse on Windows, so it shouldn't be to difficult.

There's some documentation about RIOT in Eclipse in the wiki [1]. So, maybe
you can check if this works on Windows, too, and try to update the
documentation for Windows machines if some things work differently.


[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Using-the-Eclipse-IDE-for-C-and-CPP-Developers%2C-Howto
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