[riot-devel] Systick on the STM32s

Hauke Petersen hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de
Mon Sep 1 13:47:06 CEST 2014

Hi Abhinav,

I put a copy of this mail to the devel-mailing list, so others can use 
this information as well. Hope thats ok?!

We do not use the Systick-timer for two simple reasons at the moment:
1. RIOT uses a tick-less scheduling paradigm, which means that we do not 
have a regular system tick that wakes up the scheduler to see if a new 
task needs to be scheduled. But this is what the Systick-timer is 
originally designed for... You can refer to [1] for more information on 
2. RIOTs hwtimer needs best to be able to set more than 1 timeout in 
parallel, so the peripheral timers with more multiple capture/compare 
channels provide a better base for efficient implementation than the 

But you are certainly ok with using the Systick timer for your specific 
implementation, there is no reason not to use it...


On 29.08.2014 09:03, Somaraju Abhinav wrote:
> Hello,
> could somebody please tell me if there is any reason not to use the 
> Systick on the STM32. I see a comment that says it is not used by 
> RIOT. However, several peripheral libraries of the STM use it for 
> timeouts. So, is it okay if I enable it?
> Thanks,
> Abhinav
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