[riot-devel] RIOT OS for the Atmel SAM R21 (ARM m0+)

Rane Balslev ranebalslev at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 10:58:43 CEST 2014

Hi Thomas

Thank you for a fast reply!

We actually started out porting ourself. Perhaps you could add the project to the hub?

We have some implementation regarding the GPIOs ready for test.

So we could tag team it...?

*Thomas Eichinger  *
/Mon Sep 8 20:05:06 CEST 2014/
Hi Rane et.al,

great to hear about your interest into RIOT.

The bad news, there doesn't exist a port of RIOT to the SAM R21, yet.

The good news, we received a couple of these boards today from
Atmel and I started out with a port today.

That said, it will certainly will take some time to "fully" support
this board. I'd say basic support (UART, timers, GPIO, SPI) by end
of this week, probably another week for bug fixing and basic radio
functionality. There is already support (basic operating modes) for
the at86rf231 radio device in RIOT which is very similar to the
at86rf233 on the SAM R21. I'm working to support extended operating
modes in parallel to this porting efforts.

What do you plan to use RIOT and SAM R21 for and/or which features
are of special interest to you?

Best, Thomas

On 4 Sep 2014, at 16:10 CEST(+0200), Rane Balslev wrote:

>/  Hi dev team
/>/  We are small team of 3 engineering students at Aarhus School of
/>/  Engineering, Aarhus university.
/>/  We are about to umbark at our final project before graduation.
/>/  The reason why we are contacting you is that we would like to use your
/>/  software but do you know about a port for Atmel SAM R21 Xplained Pro?
/>/  e.g.
/>/  http://www.atmel.com/webdoc/samr21xplainedpro/index.html
/>/  This is needed because of a limited timeframe of dev time... Therefore
/>/  spending time on fixing a port to that particular board, if one
/>/  already exists, would be like "reinventing the deep plate"
/>/  Best regards
/>/  Troels D. Hoffmeyer
/>/  Jesper Nissen
/>/  Rane Balslev
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