[riot-devel] Pull Request #1631: rename msg_* to blip_*

David Lyon david.lyon at clixx.io
Thu Sep 11 15:57:52 CEST 2014

On 2014-09-12 00:30, Kaspar Schleiser wrote:
> Hi,
> On 09/11/14 15:10, David Lyon wrote:
>>> Me too... That's why I renamed the old API in the first place.
>>> IMHO the main IPC functionality should be msg_*. But now we have
>>> legacy code, and also some semantically more defined "messages" might
>>> be useful.
>> msg_* isn't confusing for me as an IPC component.
> Just to clarify. I want the new API to be msg_send, msg_receive,
> msg_node (for the endpoints). This is supposed to be *the* IPC API.
> Problem is, it's not feasable to add the new flexibility while
> retaining the old API while keeping the core IPC as it should be:
> minimal and with maximum performance.
> BUT we have a lot of legacy code. So I implemented the old API using
> the new, simpler functions (they're basically just wrappers). But in
> order to reserve the msg_* names for the new core API to rule them
> all, the old functions need to get out of the namespace.
> Initially I proposed msg_pulse_*. Noone liked pulse. Now I'm trying
> "blip" and ask for suggestions.

oh - I see.

I've never seen 'blip' used anywhere in computing for me so far. I'd 
suggest trying to avoid it.

What about IPC_* ? giving ipc_send, ipc_receive and so forth.



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