[riot-devel] 6LowPAN on STM32F3

Somaraju Abhinav abhinav.somaraju at tridonic.com
Tue Sep 16 17:13:03 CEST 2014


I am trying to get the 6LowPAN+Destiny stack running on the STM32F3
boards. I am currently using Powerline Communication as the physical
medium to work with this uC. I have abstracted out the powerline PHY
using the transceiver module from RIOT. I am able to send and receive
UDP messages using the sockets api. However, after exchanging about 25
messages, I get to a hard fault when I receive packets. 


I have used the debugger and am fairly confident that the fault occurs
in the 6LowPAN part of the stack. Specifically, in the function
new_packet_buffer, in the file /sys/net/network_layer/lowpan.c . Every
time a new packet is received, memory is allocated to new_buf in this
function and I am guessing we eventually run out of place. The memory
allocated to this buffer never seems to be freed. Is this a bug with the
stack or am I doing something wrong here?


Thank you very much for the help.




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