[riot-devel] 6LowPAN on STM32F3

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Wed Sep 17 21:59:48 CEST 2014

Hi Abhinav!

> I am trying to get the 6LowPAN+Destiny stack running on the STM32F3
> boards. I am currently using Powerline Communication as the physical
> medium to work with this uC. I have abstracted out the powerline PHY
> using the transceiver module from RIOT. I am able to send and receive
> UDP messages using the sockets api. However, after exchanging about 25
> messages, I get to a hard fault when I receive packets. 
> I have used the debugger and am fairly confident that the fault occurs
> in the 6LowPAN part of the stack. Specifically, in the function
> new_packet_buffer, in the file /sys/net/network_layer/lowpan.c . Every
> time a new packet is received, memory is allocated to new_buf in this
> function and I am guessing we eventually run out of place. The memory
> allocated to this buffer never seems to be freed. Is this a bug with the
> stack or am I doing something wrong here?

This still sounds a bit mysterious to me. We had the whole 6LowPAN stack
running with exchanging much more than 25 packets without a hard fault not so
long ago. So, either a recent change has had some unforeseen side effects or
your setting (i.e. data rate or/and packet size) differs in an error causing
way. Can you tell me at which data rate and with what packet sizes (physical
layer limitation and application layer payload) you were trying?

printk("WE HAVE A BUG HERE!!! stk=0x%p\n", stk);
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