[riot-devel] new network stack mini howto

Martine Lenders authmillenon at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 22:31:46 CEST 2015

Hey Kaspar,
Just take the current ng_icmpv6/feat/initial branch in my repo (PR'ed in
#2555) + your favorite device driver. Start your device in a nomac thread
(look into tests/driver_xbee for how to do it) and add ng_icmpv6_echo,
ng_netbase and ng_nomac to your application's modules. Currently you have
to set up your local IP addresses by hand using ifconfig in the shell and
you also have to populate the neighbor cache with the ncache command.

Then you can use the ping6 command to send echo requests. Echo relies are
answered automatically in the background. If you want to dump them to the
terminal register ng_pktdump for NG_NETTYPE_ICMPV6 (merge branch
pktdump/feat/dump-ipv6 (#2741) for nicer output).

If you need 6LoWPAN, merge the branch ng_sixlowpan_frag/feat/initial
(#2781) and add the module ng_sixlowpan_frag, but be aware that I need to
test if the reassembly on receive is working, yet ;). 6LoWPAN needs to be
initialized for the interface too. For now using ifconfig <if> 6lo (or
simply set the NG_IPV6_NETIF_FLAGS_SIXLOWPAN flag for the ng_ipv6_netif_t
of your interface in your code).
Hope this was helpful.

Am 11.04.2015 12:15 schrieb "Kaspar Schleiser" <kaspar at schleiser.de>:

> Hey guys,
> is there any kind of example on how to set up the new network stack as far
> as currently possible?
> So many PR's, components, etc. and all I want is ping my node...
> Kaspar
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