[riot-devel] HotSpot JVM on RIOT-OS?

Michael Frey frey at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 11 14:35:28 CEST 2015


Am Di, 11.08.2015, 11:35, schrieb Kaspar Schleiser:

> There are some specialized VMs for constrained devices which are
> probably portable to RIOT. Maybe take a look how the Lego guys did it [1].

Darjeeling VM [1] might also be a good starting point. I've looked also
some time ago into VMKit [2] from LLVM - the results where quite
impressive, but the project is no longer maintained.


[1] http://darjeeling.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://vmkit.llvm.org/
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