[riot-devel] HotSpot JVM on RIOT-OS?

Simon Vincent simon.vincent at xsilon.com
Tue Aug 18 12:35:00 CEST 2015

RIOT can support larger processors with more RAM. I recently ported RIOT 
to a Zynq FPGA containing ARM Cortex A9 with 512MB RAM. It is unlikely 
that this would ever be used as a IoT device due to the cost and power 
consumption however it is a fantastic development/prototyping platform.


On 12/08/15 03:38, Zac Harvey wrote:
> Thanks Marc, I appreciate the candid input.  I have a few final (I 
> promise) followups here that are more for my edification/learning than 
> anything else.
> You say that RIOT is meant for *small* systems, and I think I'm 
> beginning to understand what that means. But regardless of what RIOT 
> is *typically* used for, are there any inherent limitations in RIOT 
> that would prevent me from deploying/flashing it to a sophisticated 
> MCU that *could* run Java? In other words, say I have an MCU that has 
> a crazy amount of ROM/RAM on it that has the stats to handle a full 
> bore JVM app...does RIOT itself have any limitation/constraints that 
> would prevent me from choosing it (nevermind *why* I would choose it 
> in the first place!)?
> Also, I get that MCU ROM is the memory where the executable is flashed 
> to. And I understand that because of this, in order for a non-running 
> executable to "fit" on an MCU, it must have a file size that is 
> smaller than the amount of ROM (obviously). But I'm still not 
> understanding why the RAM (that is, the memory allocated to the 
> running executable) can't be scalable by somehow attaching additional 
> storage (flash/whatever) to the MCU. In other words, if the sam3x8e 
> has 512KB ROM and only 96KB RAM, if my entire JVM executable (which 
> includes *everything*) is somehow magically less than 512KB, it will 
> fit on the MCU.  So why can't I then "get around" the 96KB RAM 
> limitation by (somehow) integrating that onboard 96KB RAM with, say, 
> an 8GB solid state drive, or something thereabouts.  I just feel like 
> there *must* be a way to scale the RAM and perhaps even the ROM. Ideas?
> Thanks again, if I can get answers to these I should be all set!
> Best,
> Zac
> On 8/11/15 5:19 PM, Marc Sissom wrote:
>> Hi Zac,
>> Have you looked at the sam3x8e datasheet? Right on the front page it 
>> says it has 512KB of flash (AKA ROM or nonvolatile program and data 
>> storage). The chip has 96KB of RAM. Looking into task manager on 
>> Windows 7 I see a javaw.exe that is occupying 133MB of RAM and my JRE 
>> takes up 153MB of disk. Admittedly this is not a perfect comparison, 
>> but surely these numbers mean something to you.
>> RIOT is meant for *small* systems. Not SMALL or S M A L L but small 
>> systems. Some of these systems are so small that they can't do "Hello 
>> World" because the "printf" code takes up too much space.
>>> Thoughts? Criticisms? Hate mail?
>> In other words, you're nuts!
>>    ;-)
>> Given that, here's a true Java bytecode chip that I worked with a few 
>> years back:
>> http://www.ajile.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=6
>> Here's an FPGA core:
>>     http://www.jopdesign.com/
>> And an ARM product:
>>     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazelle
>> In other words, you are not the first to think of this, and in some 
>> cases it's not a bad idea. On the other hand, I think you can safely 
>> forget Akka on RIOT.
>> You also mentioned Python; have a look here:
>>      http://micropython.org/
>> Enjoy!
>> Marc Sissom
>> Krypton Solutions
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>> Thanks Kaspar and Joakim,
>> I'm not trying to be difficult here (I promise!) I'm just trying to 
>> see the forest through the trees.
>> When you say that "The OpenJDK would probably require many megabytes 
>> of both ROM and RAM, this means it will not run on the sam3x8e...", 
>> why? Is it because it would require "many megabytes", or because it 
>> requires ROM, which I'm guessing isn't supported by RIOT-OS?
>> And yes, I will definitely dive into Darjeeling/LLVM, but am trying 
>> to see if I can't brute force an easier solution first. :-)
>> Thanks again!
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