[riot-devel] Configure Raspberry Pi as 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Border Gateway

Lennart Dührsen lennart.duehrsen at fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 19 12:49:38 CEST 2015

Hi Tobias,

> with the help of other developers, I successfully got a Raspberry Pi
> with the Openlabs 802.15.4 radio adapter [0] working as a 802.15.4 and
> 6LoWPAN border gateway.

thanks for your work, that's a great tutorial! Can you (and perhaps
others) tell us which version of the RPi you used?

Your method does not seem to work on the latest RPi (Pi 2 Model B), but
it does work on the Pi 1 Model B+. I prepared an SD card following the
exact steps in the tutorial, put it in both models, but it only booted
on the Model 1 B+.

In the REDAME of the git repo for the firmware it says

* ./hardfp: userspace VideoCoreIV libraries built for armv6 hardfp ABI

but the Model 2 B uses an ARMv7. Maybe that's the reason it doesn't work?

I also suggest we put a note at the beginning of the tutorial about
this, so people don't get confused and sad (like me) ;)


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