[riot-devel] RIOT examples

Andreas "Paul" Pauli andreas.pauli at haw-hamburg.de
Wed Aug 19 16:02:28 CEST 2015


Am 14.08.2015 um 14:54 schrieb Oleg Hahm:
>> Initially I thought about creating a directory structure that corresponds to
>> either the file system hierarchy or the doxygen group hierarchy, as in:
>> "examples/sys/xtimer/xtimer_periodic"
>> or
>> "examples/sys/timers/timer_periodic"
>> But maybe we can even live with one examples directory holding all examples,
>> as that makes finding them very easy.
> I think I would also prefer a flat hierarchy and keep it simple.

We already have a similar discussion in Issue#3363. I think a structured 
directory tree is equally easy but more unambigous.
Having the same structure as the source tree is also some kind of basic 
documentation of dependencies.

Something like e.g. <$RIOTBASE/tests> with ~90 entities and individual 
pre/postfixing of names makes it not easy to find things or check if 
things are missing -at least for me-.

my 5 ct.

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