[riot-devel] Pull request procedure

Cenk G√ľndogan cenk.guendogan at fu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 20 21:18:31 CEST 2015

Hi Oleg,

Out of curiosity (and maybe to state the obvious):
The rules you proposed would forbid WIP pull requests, right?

On 20.08.2015 19:10, Cenk G√ľndogan wrote:
> Hey Oleg,
> I like your proposed guideline.
> What's your opinion on adding some words about logically splitting a 
> PR across several commits. I always like it when a PR contains 1 
> commit for the new feature / bugfix and 1 commit for new/modified 
> (unit)tests. This way I can review them separately in github.
> Cheers,
> Cenk
>> Dear requesting IoTlers,
>> in order to improve and hopefully speed up the Pull request/review 
>> process, I
>> think it would be beneficial to describe in a better defined way how 
>> a Pull
>> request should be created and maintained. Therefore, I plan to put the
>> following rules into the wiki:
>> * The title and initial description of a Pull request must describe 
>> its basic
>>    idea and what goal is intended to be achieved in a brief and 
>> comprehensible
>>    manner.
>> * The provided code and its documentation should make it very clear 
>> how this
>>    goal is intended to be solved.
>> * Keep Pull requests as small as possible. The smaller a PR, the more 
>> likely
>>    it gets reviewed in short time.
>> * Support your reviewer! Try to react as quick as possible to your 
>> reviewer's
>>    comments - and if only by letting her/him know, that you have 
>> currently no
>>    time to incorporate her/his feedback. Also, let the reviewer know 
>> if you do
>>    not plan to continue to work on a certain PR. Furthermore, if your 
>> reviewer
>>    don't react for some days, remind him!
>> What do you think?

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