[riot-devel] Pull request procedure

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Fri Aug 21 10:37:53 CEST 2015


> This seems like a huge burden to developers writing non-trivial code.
> What does "very clear" mean?
> Proper reviewing includes reading and understanding the actual code. If
> code is unclear, reviewers ask for clarification. Now, apart from a
> concept that has been approved, perfect doxygen, commented code, there
> needs to be code meta documentation that makes "very clear" how the code
> works.
> This might speed up PR reviewing, but it slows PR creation. Let's not
> lose focus, we want to streamline RIOT development, not PR reviewing.

Now it's up to me to ask: are you trying to piss me off?

I see this actually as one of the most important rules. If the code is complex
and poorly documented, it sucks. Full stop!

Do you know how many hours I spent in trying to understand poorly documented,
but complex (and not always brilliant) code? And do you know how many times I
did this not only once, while reviewing, but hundreds of times while debugging
code or reviewing new PRs that changes this code? Sorry, Kaspar, but I won't
review any poorly documented code any more. It's waste of time.


P.S. Sorry for the harsh words, but this attitude drives me nuts.
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