[riot-devel] [Gsoc2015] Help needed in getting started

Kushal Singh kushal.spiderman.singh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 01:03:50 CET 2015


     My name is Kushal Singh, I am a BTech student at IIIT-Hyderabad. My
primary areas of interests are operating systems , computer organization
and architecture. I enjoy kernel development :). I am interested in
participating in Google Summer of Code this year and I came across
'riot-os' as an organization.

I would like to start actively contributing to riot and so I would be
grateful if I could get a few pointers regarding how to get started with
the code-base and the reference documents.

Also, I had a look through the ideas page , and I loved this project titled
"Project S1: Dynamic linking support for RIOT". I have all the needed
pre-requisites for this project. So I wanted to started working towards
this project. I would be thankful if someone could guide me towards a
moderate/beginner level bug in this regard so that I could first have some
idea about how things work and get started.

Thanks for all your help
Kushal Singh
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