[riot-devel] [Gsoc2015]Regarding Dynamic linking support for RIOT

Kushal Singh kushal.spiderman.singh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 23:45:25 CET 2015

Recently , the project for dynamic linking support for RIOT got removed
from the ideas page , however after discussion with Oleg Hahm (OlegH) on
IRC, I came to know that the idea wasn't a top priority because it was felt
that dynamic linking/loading will not be the best way to enable software
updates at runtime. I am still very much interested and excited to work on
the project :)

So I have the following points I wanted to ask :
1. What else  can be the other way to enable software update at run-time (
maybe that could be added to the idea's page or be done along with the
dynamic linking support project)

2.  Whom should I contact for technical discussions.

3. What are the chances of proposal for this idea getting accepted

Thanks for your help
Kushal Singh
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