[riot-devel] [Gsoc2015]Regarding Dynamic linking support for RIOT

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Sat Mar 7 09:58:05 CET 2015

Dear Kushal!

> 1. What else  can be the other way to enable software update at run-time (
> maybe that could be added to the idea's page or be done along with the
> dynamic linking support project)

That's exactly the problem: the task force for OTA updates has only recently
be formed and yet not decided for a concrete concept. Hence, although there
are some sketchy ideas floating around, it's not yet decided which one will be
the one we want to go with.
> 2.  Whom should I contact for technical discussions.

The devel mailing list is - along with Github - exactly the place to discuss
technical details. Of course, in case of acceptance as a GSOC project, you
will have one or more mentors who will guide and help you as much as possible
to avoid pitfalls, but for any basic discussion it's always a good idea to
discuss with the whole community.
> 3. What are the chances of proposal for this idea getting accepted

After some internal discussion, we came to the conclusion that you can still
apply to the dynamic linking topic if you're really eager to do it and none of
the other topics sounds interesting enough to you.

arrival order packet joke is critical to good a make
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