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Samarth Bansal samarthbansal42 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 22:26:02 CET 2015


I am Samarth Bansal, undergraduate student at Indian Institute of
Technology, Kanpur. I have 3 years of programming experience, primarily in
Python, C and C++ - though I consider myself to be language agnostic. I am
a full stack software developer. I also have a keen interest in embedded
systems and currently exploring IoT, which makes me interested in being a
part of the RIOT community via GSOC.

I am interested in Project N2 : Implementation of LwM2M. I have a question
: I guess that RIOT has support for CoAP. Does RIOT support XMPP and MQTT?
If not, out of curiosity, any specific reasons why LwM2M has been given a
priority implementation?

I am new to RIOT and have started exploring it. As suggested in an older
thread, I am trying to sketch out an implementation architecture of the
LwM2M specification. If there are any other suggestions, please do let me


Samarth Bansal
4th Year Undergraduate
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
IIT Kanpur

E-Mail    : samarthb at iitk.ac.in, samarthbansal42 at gmail.com
Phone    : +91-9871551169
Blog       : samarthbansal.com/blog
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