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Francesco Ermini francescoermini8 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 15:46:09 CET 2015


my name is Francesco Ermini, and I'm student in electronics  and
telecommunication engineering at the University of Florence,Italy.

My current Ms.C. thesis is about IoT secure communications. Our testbed is
made by some UDOO Quad boards, with Linux + RiOT as operating systems (the
UDOO can host two OSes at once).
I checked the GSOC ideas page, and I found the Bluetooth Low Energy driver
one. Although interesting, using BTLE wouldn't rally match my current work.
However, we also found that the XBee shield is not yet supported in RiOT
(open bug / feature request). This would match a bit more my thesis work,
and my (evil) tutor would be happier.

My question is: what about implementing the XBee driver (including the
dynamic security keys setup) ?

Best regards,

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