[riot-devel] kinetis common - differences between families

Johann Fischer johann_fischer at posteo.de
Mon Mar 16 11:29:35 CET 2015

Am Sat, 14 Mar 2015 13:59:06 +0100
schrieb Jozef Maslik <maslo at binarylemon.com>:

Hi Jozef,

> Some example with major differences:
> SPI has min 3 variants: DSPI (K family), SPI (L, M family), SPI(L0x
> family) UART has min 3 variants: 1. K, M family, 2. L family, 3. L0x
> family low power UART is in L families (except L0x)

We currently have the conflict in spi. The driver for the SPI at KL0x
(or KW01) can simply mean spi_kl.c, etc...
> Some functionality (as @Joakim wrote) can be handled by conditional
> compilation like KINETIS_UART_ADVANCED, but I think, some extended
> functionality can be omitted because it is not interesting for our
> use case.

We have done so for uart.

> But I think, best way is to say, which families are interesting for
> RIOT OS and compare only these. Maybe wiki page can be helpful for
> this task.

Coordination: "RIOT port for Freescale Kinetis CPUs":

> At this moment, I’m working with Cortex M0+ families (which are not
> supported on RIOT yet) - I have port on KL02 and in future I want to
> do port for KW01 (if someone else do not do it).

"RIOT port for the KW01Z128 SiP", outdated, I'll update it in the next

> From my point of view, best option is to have one common
> kinetis_family directory with all driver regardless of the family.
> Jozef

Johann Fischer

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