[riot-devel] GSoC 2015 Introduction - N1 BLE Project

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Mon Mar 16 20:51:51 CET 2015

Hi Alexis!

Welcome to RIOT! 

> I'm Alexis, from Lyon, France, student in Telecom Engineering.
> I'm fond of IoT, embedded development, FOS Projects,  and
> I'm currently doing a master thesis in Barcelona, wich focus on Thread (
> http://www.threadgroup.org/) protocols stack.

May I ask you what exactly you're planning to do there? To the best of my
knowledge the Thread specification will be only released to some members of
the partners in June.
> I will be really interested to take part of RIOT community as developer,
> starting working on BLE Project.
> Even if I've no experience with RIOT development (I just use it on MSP430)
> , I well know BLE at different level of the stack : I've worked on Nordic
> nrf1822 eval board, nrf8001 with Arduino, Android API, and Bluez driver on
> Unix system.
> Obviously, I'm familiar with C/C++ and embedded development, on different
> platforms such as Arduino, STM32L0, MSP430 or M2M Gateways (arm poky
> toolchain with Yocto builded distro).

Sounds like excellent prerequisites!

> As this is just an introduction and presentation post, I've not yet
> technical questions (but they will come :-) ) But if can someone introduce
> me the community, core developers, processes, to know you a bit more, that
> will be great !

I think just reading through the Wiki [1] and the mailing list archives [2]
will already help to get a rough understanding of how the community works.
Particular [3] might be interesting to read.

> Some questions: When are next virtual meeting, or call (18/03) ? the next
> Hack'n'ACK (26/03)?

Usually both, next call and Hack'n'ACK would happen next week (see also the
calendar on the web page). For the call, we might provide an additional
session this week for GSOC applications. We'll let you know ASAP. For the H&A:
Martine, can you confirm that C-Base is reserved again?

> Who is the potential mentor for N1 BLE project (or the dev that best known
> RIOT network implementation) ?

Probably Hauke and Martine know best of the new network stack and will most
likely mentor this project.

> In my point of view, implementing complete BLE stack is a huge work for 4
> month project. What do you think about that ? Which is the priority
>  (central, peripheral roles) ? For you, what's better for the community :
> unachieved work on bigger project, or reduced but well tested and
> documented keys functionalities ?

In general: a solid, well documented and easily extendible implementation is
usually better.


[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/
[2] http://lists.riot-os.org/pipermail/devel/
[3] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Contributing-to-RIOT
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