[riot-devel] PWM on STM32-L1

Vivien Michel micheviv at e.ujf-grenoble.fr
Tue Mar 17 14:50:00 CET 2015


We are four students, working on riot-os implementation for STM32-L1. But we are facing some problems : we're trying to add PWM features in order to use a motor shield. We already have implemented the pwm.h for our board. And now we're having a hard time understanding how we should proceed with the periph_conf.h file. 
Actually, our main confusion comes from the defines that we have to use to configure the pwm pins. 
- Regarding the channels, we don't really get what it refers to ? Do the values defined for these channels directly correspond to the number written on the board near the pins (numbers 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 on the stm32l1) ? Why are there four channels defined for each pwm pins in the stm32f3discovery's periph_conf.h ? 
- What values should we use for the PWM_X_DEV, PWM_X_CLKEN(), PWM_X_CLKDIS() and PWM_X_PORT_CLKEN() ? 
- For the PWM_X_PORT, should we use GPIOC and GPIOD as it is done for the stm32f3 ? 
- Should we disable the pins in the GPIO config if we want to use them as PWM ? 

We would be very grateful for any help. 

Best regards. 
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