[riot-devel] Iotivity, AllJoyn, Thread, Ipso Alliance

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Thu Mar 19 12:08:29 CET 2015

Hi Baptiste!

> This question is not particularly about Riot but it makes sense to ask you
> since future Riot device might use one of this high level protocol
> (Iotivity, AllJoyn, Thread, Ipso Alliance).
> What do you think about them?  In your opinion, which one will be mostly
> used?

To be honest, to me most of these alliance and consortia have the disadvantage
of being very blurry and vague about the concrete techniques and protocols.
I haven't heard of Iotivity before and looking at their web page, it seems
that they're mostly targeting bigger devices than we do usually in the RIOT
ecosystem. Same goes for AllJoyn as far as I can see. Real constrained IoT
devices are expected to connect to something more powerful to integrate them
into the Internet. That seems to be exactly this type of silo solution most
RIOT developers don't believe to be helpful on the long run.

For Thread, it's really hard to tell at the moment, since there's no
specification and everything's happening behind closed doors, which are to
expensive to open - except you're a global player with some money. From the
technologies and protocol suites they mention and from the people that I know
who are involved there, it sounds rather reasonable and I hope that they will
come up with something more useful than ZigBee, but I still don't understand
the need for yet another protocol stack.

To me IPSO alliance seems to be the most natural choice, since they are not
proposing their own (silo) solution, but build on existing standards, mostly
from IETF.

> Is there any future developments planned on RIOT?

Well, first of all, I have to say that most of the original RIOT core team are
either network or system guys. Means, real applications and working on high
level protocols, was out of scope in the beginning. Fortunately, over time and
as the RIOT community grew this changed and people started to work on several
upper layer solutions. However, I think it's not yet clear if there will be
the one go-to solution or - what sounds more probable to me - several high
layer protocols tailored for different use cases. Hence, I think (and hope) we
will have several solutions in RIOT over the next years.

Personally, I'm a strong believer in open standards and therefore I prefer
IETF protocols wherever possible.

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