[riot-devel] mc1322x hwtimer fix

Olivier Fauchon ofauchon2204 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 11:59:55 CET 2015


I'm fixing  mc1322x/redbee-econotag port. (vtimers, hwtimers make RIOT

I was suspecting the ISR not beeing executed, as timer's callbacks never

I found that piece of code that may be wrong (cpu/arm7_common/common.s)

.if (*CPU != mc1322x*)
    /* jump into vic interrupt */
    mov    r0, #0xffffff00    /* lpc23xx */
    ldr    r0, [r0]
    add    lr,pc,#4
    /* mc1322x seems to lack a VIC, distinction of IRQ has to be done in SW
    ldr    r0, =isr           /* mc1322x */

I'm not really skilled in ARM assembly files, but I think CPU is not a
defined variable/macro in .s

So, the mc1322x hack is never compiled, and that makes RIOT crash each time
we use interrupts. .

How would you correct that ?
I read somewhere we could use GCC instead of AS to use macros and

Thx for your help

Olivier Fauchon
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