[riot-devel] Wakaama & LWM2M

Emmanuel Baccelli Emmanuel.Baccelli at inria.fr
Thu Mar 26 14:33:39 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

I was recently in contact with Wakaama [1] community (part of the Eclipse
IoT foundation), and which maintains an open source implementation of LWM2M.

More to the point, they told me that the code base [3] is deprecated (it
was their repo prior to joining Eclipse), and that their supported codebase
is now [2].

They would be very happy if their implementation would be ported to RIOT,
and would provide some support for that (they suggest whoever is interested
in that contacts them through [4]).

I thought this information may be of interest for us, and in particular for
GSoC project proposals on this topic.



[1] http://eclipse.org/proposals/technology.liblwm2m/
[2] https://github.com/eclipse/wakaama
[3] https://github.com/01org/liblwm2m
[4] https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/wakaama-dev
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