[riot-devel] New Re-Mote platform (cc2538 with extra sub-1Ghz RF) and challenge

Antonio Linan alinan at zolertia.com
Fri Mar 27 16:27:50 CET 2015


Apologies if you receive multiple messages.

Sorry for the commercial post, we (at Zolertia) are about to launch a new
platform: The Re-Mote, I wanted to share with you a food-for-thought
challenge for the opportunity to become a beta tester and win one of the 50
Re-Motes we are to give for the best ideas.

The challenge website is:


The Re-Mote is a CC2538-based platform which features an ARM Cortex M3 with
512KB flash, 32Kb RAM, double RF interface, and the following goodies:

   - ISM 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 & Zigbee compliant.
   - ISM 868-, 915-, 920-, 950-MHz ISM/SRD Band.
   - AES-128/256, SHA2 Hardware Encryption Engine.
   - ECC-128/256, RSA Hardware Acceleration Engine for Secure Key Exchange.
   - Power consumption down to 3uA using our shutdown mode.
   - Co-Processor to allow peripheral energy management, programming over
   BSL without requiring to press any button to enter bootloader mode.
   - Built-in battery charger (500mA), Energy Harvesting and Solar Panels
   to be connected to standards LiPo batteries.
   - Power input with wide range 2-26VDC.
   - Small form-factor (as the Z1 mote, half the size of an Arduino) 57x35

More information about the platform can be found at:


Support for Contiki is done (yet to be merged) and RIOT is coming along.

Production is expected to be done on Q3, pre-sale price is €46.


Antonio Liñán Colina
"Makes things happen"
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Ph.: +34 931 426 166
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