[riot-devel] Fwd: 64bit and multi core support

Ludwig Ortmann ludwig.ortmann at fu-berlin.de
Fri May 8 06:53:52 CEST 2015

Hi Alex,

RIOT does not offer either.

When I first wrote the native platform, I tried to support 64 bit but there were so many issues that I just chose to ignore it as there were no 64 bit platforms on the roadmap anyways.
Since then two things changed:
First, much work has gone into making integer types more explicit. Second, the native platform is relatively stable and offers valgrind support, so I think it could be used to make RIOT 64 bit safe relatively quickly.

As for the scheduler - I'm not aware of any attempts at multicore support, but RIOT is very modular, so the scheduler could be changed/replaced with little trouble.


Am 7. Mai 2015 20:33:41 MESZ, schrieb Alex Mavrin <alexeymavrin at gmail.com>:
>Dear RIOT team,
>Thanks for RIOT I personally think it is GREAT!
>We are considering using RIOT on our ARM v8 64bit multicore (SMP)
>The platform requires 64bit memory addressing (DDR is at higher than
>address range). We would appreciate if you could help us understand if
>using RIOT is feasible by answering below questions:
>   1. Does RIOT support 64bit memory addressing? For example if I build
>“hello-world” sample project on native platform then 32bit binary
>generated. Is it possible to build it for 64bit? Have this been tested?
>  2. Does RIOT support multi core? I.e. scheduling threads on different
>cores, synchronizing threads running on different cores? Have this been
>done before?
>Best Regards,

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