[riot-devel] Implementing a new MAC protocol for IEEE 802.15.4

Daniel Krebs mail at daniel-krebs.net
Tue May 12 14:17:06 CEST 2015

Hi Emmanuel,

> One question: do you expect that network membership is rather dynamic, 
> or rather static? (i.e. do nodes come and go due to mobility for 
> example, or due to really long sleeping periods).
> Depending on the answer to this question, some mechanisms may be more 
> applicable than others...

The network will be kind of static, that is my nodes won't be moving 
around. But I expect to have nodes joining and leaving from time to 
time, i.e. nodes going offline for a short amount of time, and 
completely new nodes joining the network.

I would be really happy for any advice you could give :)

Best regards,

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