[riot-devel] Open Processes Task Force

Emmanuel Baccelli Emmanuel.Baccelli at inria.fr
Thu May 28 00:02:22 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I propose to launch a task force focusing on open processes at work in the
RIOT community. The goals are both (i) maintenance/improvements of these
processes to adapt to the evolution of our community, and (ii) ensure an
appropriate level of transparency concerning what the current processes are.

If interested, please PING this thread for starters, and don't hesitate to
bring in comments or more content/suggestions.

To be more concrete, I propose the task force would work for starters on
items such as the below.

- document/discuss the lessons learnt so far for current processes, for
         - what are the lessons learnt for our "task force" concept in
         - should we not define more precisely what a "task force" is?
         - what other definitions are needed (e.g. an even smaller unit
a.k.a. "design team" a la "scrum team")?

- discuss the need for, and merits of (new) development processes, for
         - introducing a "show-stopper" textual label for comments on PRs
(if absent, would require less or no ACK before being merged, after some
agreed-upon probation time). The idea would be to increase agility
         - introducing a "high-impact" label on PRs (would require more
ACKs before being merged).

- discuss the need for, and merits of (new) strategic coordination, for
         - do we need more technical leadership? Goal: optimize the order
of PR merging
         - if so, what shape should this leadership take? Requirement:
scalability with community size and sustainability w.r.t. to time, which
means avoiding bottlenecks somehow...

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