[riot-devel] Board Selection for RIOT

Hauke Petersen hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de
Fri May 29 16:38:49 CEST 2015

Hi Alexander,

naturally the board of choice would be the iot-lab_M3 (the one used in 
the FIT IoT-lab testbed). But as this board is not freely available on 
the market, I suggest the Atmel samr21-xpro. It uses (almost) the same 
radio as the iot-lab nodes and is freely available at the usual 
electronics suppliers for about 30-40 euros.


On 29.05.2015 05:19, Alexander Talavari wrote:
> Hello,
> As part of my MScThesis i will be devoloping on RIOT and i was 
> interest on your suggestion on what board i should buy.
> I am already testing it on my Linux Mint image but it would be nice to 
> have the board that plays the best with RIOT.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Talavari
> PS I am copy pasting the description of my Thesis as proposed by my 
> professor fyi
> RIOT [1] is an open source operating system designed for small and 
> resource constrained devices. Such devices are expected to be the norm 
> in the Internet of Things (IoT). RIOT provides support for 
> standardized IoT protocols (e.g., 6LoWPAN and CoAP), as well as, as 
> for experimental architectures (e.g., CCN-lite, a lightweight version 
> of the CCN Information-Centric Networking [4] architecture [2]). 
> FIT-IoT lab [3] is a distributed testbed that enables IoT 
> experimentation at a large scale. FIT-IoT provides a variety of 
> devices that can be used for experiments, including devices equipped 
> with the RIOT OS. The purpose of this thesis is to implement a simple 
> application for exchanging content (e.g., sensor measurements) in 
> RIOT. The application will be developed in two versions one using CoAP 
> and another using CCN-lite. Both versions will be evaluated and 
> compared in the FIT-IoT lab.
> References
> [1] http://www.riot-os.org/
> [2] CCN-lite, a lightweight implementation of the Content Centric 
> Networking protocol CCNx of XEROX PARC, 2014 (http://ccn-lite.net).
> [3] https://www.iot-lab.info/
> [4] G. Xylomenos, C.N. Ververidis, V.A. Siris, N. Fotiou, C. 
> Tsilopoulos, X. Vasilakos, K.V. Katsaros, G.C. Polyzos, “A Survey of 
> Information-Centric Networking Research,” IEEE Communications Surveys 
> and Tutorials, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 1024-1049, 2014 
> (http://www.mm.aueb.gr/publications/2013-icn-survey.pdf).
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