[riot-devel] RIOT Release 2015.09

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Mon Oct 5 22:16:31 CEST 2015

Dear RIOT developers and users,

it has been a long and rocky road, but thanks to the marvellous community, we
managed to finalize the fifth official release of the RIOT operating system:
                *         RIOT 2015.09            *

The highlights of this release are three major parts:
* gnrc network stack
* xtimer
* cleanup of CPU and board specific code

The new generic ("gnrc") network stack is a highly modular and configurable
IPv6/6LoWPAN network stack. It implements a large number of IETF RFCs, such as
RFC 2473, RFC 4861, RFC 4944, RFC 6550, or RFC 6775. Furthermore, it provides
a unified API between the different layers and a generic network device
interface. The provided 6LoWPAN border router (6LBR) can be run on any
hardware, providing an IPv6 capable network interface or a UART for using SLIP
(RFC 1055).

A new timer subsystem is introduced by xtimer, replacing hwtimer and vtimer
modules. xtimer offers very precise timer operations as well as support for
long-term timers running over days and weeks. Along with well-known timer
operations in RIOT, it also provides a function for accurate periodic timers.
In order to ease porting of your existing RIOT code, a vtimer compatibility
layer can be used on top.

Refactoring and cleaning up the peripheral drivers as well as other CPU and
board specific code, helped to reduce the number of Makefile duplication lines
by about 50% and provide a much cleaner and easier to use interface for
porting new platforms to RIOT.

Of course this release also comes along with a variety of newly supported
boards, CPUs, and device drivers. RIOT 2015.09 has been ported to the Eistec
Mulle, Phytec phyWAVE, Zolertia ReMote, Atmel SAML21, various ST Nucleo
boards, Freescale Freedom, TI Stellaris Launchpad, the LimiFrog, and Silab's
Wonder Gecko. It supports a LC display, new light, motion, and temperature
sensors, and more accelerometers and magnetometers.

Just to give you a rough estimation about the tremendous amount of work that
has been put into this release, here are some impressive numbers:
About 580 pull requests with about 2,500 commits have been merged since the
last release and 120 additional issues have been solved. 62 people contributed
code in 277 days. 2578 files have been touched with ~320,000 insertions and
~134,000 deletions.

As a major change to our development procedures, the RIOT community will offer
long-term bug fixes for this release in a API-stable branch.

You can download the RIOT release from Github, either by cloning the
repository or using the tarball:

Happy RIOT,
printk(CARDNAME": Bad Craziness - sent packet while busy.\n" );
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