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Congrats Oleg!
Excellent Team work !!!!!!

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Congratulations Oleg!

Excellent team work, I cannot wait to test it, very soon I think ;)


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On Mon, 2015-10-05 at 22:16 +0200, Oleg Hahm wrote:
> Dear RIOT developers and users,
> it has been a long and rocky road, but thanks to the marvellous community, we
> managed to finalize the fifth official release of the RIOT operating system:
>                -----------------------------------
>                *        RIOT 2015.09            *
>                -----------------------------------
> The highlights of this release are three major parts:
> * gnrc network stack
> * xtimer
> * cleanup of CPU and board specific code
> The new generic ("gnrc") network stack is a highly modular and configurable
> IPv6/6LoWPAN network stack. It implements a large number of IETF RFCs, such as
> RFC 2473, RFC 4861, RFC 4944, RFC 6550, or RFC 6775. Furthermore, it provides
> a unified API between the different layers and a generic network device
> interface. The provided 6LoWPAN border router (6LBR) can be run on any
> hardware, providing an IPv6 capable network interface or a UART for using SLIP
> (RFC 1055).
> A new timer subsystem is introduced by xtimer, replacing hwtimer and vtimer
> modules. xtimer offers very precise timer operations as well as support for
> long-term timers running over days and weeks. Along with well-known timer
> operations in RIOT, it also provides a function for accurate periodic timers.
> In order to ease porting of your existing RIOT code, a vtimer compatibility
> layer can be used on top.
> Refactoring and cleaning up the peripheral drivers as well as other CPU and
> board specific code, helped to reduce the number of Makefile duplication lines
> by about 50% and provide a much cleaner and easier to use interface for
> porting new platforms to RIOT.
> Of course this release also comes along with a variety of newly supported
> boards, CPUs, and device drivers. RIOT 2015.09 has been ported to the Eistec
> Mulle, Phytec phyWAVE, Zolertia ReMote, Atmel SAML21, various ST Nucleo
> boards, Freescale Freedom, TI Stellaris Launchpad, the LimiFrog, and Silab's
> Wonder Gecko. It supports a LC display, new light, motion, and temperature
> sensors, and more accelerometers and magnetometers.
> Just to give you a rough estimation about the tremendous amount of work that
> has been put into this release, here are some impressive numbers:
> About 580 pull requests with about 2,500 commits have been merged since the
> last release and 120 additional issues have been solved. 62 people contributed
> code in 277 days. 2578 files have been touched with ~320,000 insertions and
> ~134,000 deletions.
> As a major change to our development procedures, the RIOT community will offer
> long-term bug fixes for this release in a API-stable branch.
> You can download the RIOT release from Github, either by cloning the
> repository or using the tarball:
> https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/archive/2015.09.tar.gz
> Happy RIOT,
> Oleg
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